Hot Hollywood Waxing

Bikini Waxing

We offer the best and most painless body waxing in London including Brazilian wax and Hollywood waxing. With option for the traditional Warm Wax, or Hot Wax for that smooth, painless intimate waxing experience. The result, you will be left with an amazing feeling of freshness that will make you feel more confident on the beach with your swimsuit.

Bikini waxing Types

  • Bikini waxing: (Available with both hot wax and strip wax)- Removal of All pubic hair covered by the bikini is left in place
  • Thong Bikini waxing: (Available with both hot wax and strip wax)- An extended or high bikini wax leaving a smaller amount of hair where the bikini would cover
  • Brazilian waxing: (Available with both hot wax and strip wax)- The removal of all hair in the pelvic area, both front and back, leaving only a thin vertical strip of hair of your shape choice.
  • Hollywood waxing: (Available with both hot wax and strip wax)- The removal of the entire hairs within the pelvic area, both front and back, leaving the area completely hair-free and smooth.

CND Shellac Manicure

CND Shellac Manicure

Shellac Nails Gel Manicure polish from CND is the number gel polish in the world.
Quick application, smudge-proof, performed by caring, patient and friendly Sole Beauty Manicurist, will leave the colour and the shine on your nails for a couple of weeks, without giving you any trouble.

CND Shellac is the only truly power polish. It’s a true innovation in chip-free, extended nail colour.

It dries immediately and removes with no damage. The application service time for shellac manicure is 30-40 minutes maximum.

With our Shellac Manicure application we use ‘seche vite’, which means no drying time required, and there’s no odour or damage to nails.

Our Shellac Manicure polish lasts for 14 days or more, with durable shine that resists chips, scratches and smudges.

Visit our nail treatments side, Sole Beauty Nails in London Victoria, Oxford Street and Marylebone for stunning nails and exceptional care.

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent lash extensions or individual eyelash extensions? Make your choice and see the world with different eyes…Say hello to the best eyelash extensions and eyebrow treatment in London!

Sole Beauty offers two types of eyelash extensions; semi-permanent lash extensions and individual semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

The difference?

  • Semi Permanent Lash Extensions: These are added in a collection of a few lashes on top of your own eyelashes. They last for about 1-2 weeks
  • Individual Eyelash Extensions (Advanced): These eyelashes are filled in between your own lashes to appear fuller and more noticeable. You can have either a half or a full set of eyelashes. They last for about 4-6 weeks; however with careful maintenance and regular refills they can last longer.

Individual Eyelash Extensions Brands:

At Sole Beauty salon we we use established and reputable lash brands for our individual eyelash extensions treatment, which gives stunning result every time without ever getting a complaint. So whenever you are in town and want to achieve that celebrity look for your eyes book your eyelash extensions with a Sole Beauty Eyelash Specialist.

About the Eyelash Specialists:

Our Eyelash Extensions Specialists, Edyta & Vaiva have been doing perfect lashes for over 5 years each. They have built reputation even amongst celebrities and some renown names in the media. They are friendly, caring and perfectionists when it comes to your lashes.
They are also one of the fastest in applying such a complex and advanced lash treatments.
With our Sole Beauty Eyelash Extensions Specialists, you’ll sure to get the exact look you’ve dreamed of!