Winter might have come upon us abruptly but your beauty regime doesn’t have to with Sole Beauty Salons at hand!
Keep up with your beauty essentials all-year-around with our sublime Body Waxing & Stunning Nails Offers at any of our Salons: Clapham Junction, London Victoria, Pimlico, Oxford Street or Marylebone.
And in doing so you’ll achieve that smooth feeling and beautiful nails throughout year, whilst saving upto 40% on Quality Beauty Treatment & Painless Waxing:

1. Mini Xmas Wax Deal: Hot Bikini Wax + 1/2 Leg + Under Arm Wax/ Eyebrow Shape-   all for just £40

2.  Xmas Smoothie Wax:  Hot Hollywood Wax + Full Leg + Under Arm Wax/Eyebrow Shape- all for just £55 


3. Spotless Ms Santa: Hot Hollywood Wax + Full Leg Wax + Full Arm Waxing- all for for just £69


4. Xmas Beauty Expresso: Hot Bikni + EBS + File & Polish on Hands & Feet with gloss O.P.I Nail Polish Finish- for just £39


5. Xmas Party Polish: Shellac on Hands + Shellac on Feet + Hot Bikini Wax + EBS or Underarm Wax- all for just £69

*Offer valid between 10am – 5pm, weekdays only. Ends 30th December 2017, and you can upgrade any of the packages just Extra £10 (e.g. 1/2 Leg to Full Leg or Basis Bikini to Hollywood/Brazilian). Or request for any package in the evening for extra £5. Amazing Offers; hurry and book NOW!